Common Name: Common Yellow Swallowtail
Scientific Name: Papilio machaon
Size: 65-75 mm
Location: Khaptad, Bajura

Found in open grassy areas, areas having flowers and water edges from 1767m to 4572m these butterflies have a very fast and erratic flight. The bottom of each hindwing is a red eyespot and near it are a pair of protruding tail. The yellow wings have black vein markings.   

Note: The Common Yellow Swallowtail in the picture is missing a protruding tail on its left wing due to some reason.

Please feel free to comment below if the above species has been misidentified.

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  1. That one has definitely led a rough life….it has a lot of wear spots. We were happy to see a lot of Swallowtails here too. Beautiful butterflies.

  2. Kismat Neupane

    I have seen it at Yawadi Syangja, Nepal.
    I have some open and close view photos.

    • Kismat ji, thank you for your comment. These butterflies can be seen from 950m and above. Syangja is a beautiful place and I can imagine the range of butterflies there. I was in Waling last year and the drive there from Pokhara was beautiful and made me realize that the natural beauty on the way was amazing. I should go back and explore the flora and fauna diversity of Syangja properly one day.
      I am planning a segment soon where people can send their photos of flora and fauna and would love to see yours as well. Do stay tuned for updates on this. Wishing you a good day and keep the passion for nature and wildlife strong as ever.

  3. Swagat Raj Pyakurel

    I saw them in Handikhola, Manahari, Makawanpur. Should not be more than 400m.

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