Common Name: Long-tailed Shrike
Scientific Name: Lanius schach
Nepali Name: Bhadrai (भद्राई)
Size: 25cm (size)
Location: Naubise, Dhading

Spotted in open areas, fields and bushes these birds are found in as low as 300m to 2700m. Feeding habit for the Shrike ranges from lizards, insects to small snakes. We can recogonize the bird with black color dominating the head area which looks like a mask and the body is reddish brown with the breast area being white.  


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  1. हरि ब थापा

    भद्राईले पहाडतिर पाईने काँस जस्तै फुल्ने घाँसबाट आँपको रुखमा गुँड बनाएको मैले सानोमा देखेको थिएंँ ।

    • हरी जि, धेरै धेरै धन्यबाद यो जानकारीको लागि । अब आपको रुख देखी भने पकै पनि कुनै गुँड छ कि भनेर हेर्नी छु ।

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