With the increasing infection cases in Nepal and another set of lockdowns, it was time to stay home and reflect on what nature is. Respite from a week of what’s going around and some difficult news to take in, I was able to write a piece for Nepali Times titled “Nature’s fragile gift to Nepal“.


“From the High Himalaya to the flatlands of Nepal, we in this land have been blessed with nature at its most resplendent.

It is when we are prohibited from immersing ourselves in the wilderness like we are now, that we learn to value it even more. We relive the experience of sauntering along single tracks through forests of rhododendron this time of year, and ending up near a gushing waterfall. Or, climbing steeply to a high meadow to be greeted with an expansive mountain vista.

Quiet walks inside misty sal forests of the Tarai, the horizon limited by the depth of trees. The heart skips a beat with excitement, scanning the undergrowth, ears strained for an animal’s footfall on dry leaves.”

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