Common Name: Jungle Myna
Scientific Name: Acridotheres fuscus
Nepali Name: Baan Rupi ( बन रुपी )
Size: 23 cm
Location: Bungamati, Lalitpur

Jungle Myna is common and found in elevation ranging from 75 m above sea level to 1525m. These birds can be seen near human habitat and edges of forests or, near open water and near cultivations.

These birds are primarily grey-brown in color, with the head being black in color. The bill is yellow and at the base of it, there is a tuft of feathers. The legs are also yellow. Like the Common Myna, there is no yellow bare skin around the eyes. There is a white patch at the base of the primaries, and also at the tip of the tail.

Generally seen in pairs or in small groups, Jungle Myna is omnivorous and is seen foraging on the ground and mainly feed on insects, fruit, and seeds.

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