Common Name: Red Junglefowl
Scientific Name: Gallus gallus
Family: Phasianidae
Nepali Name: Luiche ( लुइँचे )
Size: Male 65-75 cm, Female 42-46 cm
Location: Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Found below 300m in forest edges, forest undergrowths, and thick cover especially females for nesting. 

Red junglefowl has a very colorful feathers with vibrant colors like orange and golden yellow neck hackles, blue-green, rufous-brown,  black-brown, and metallic green plumage. Males have red combs and wattle. The male Red Junglefowl has a sickle-shaped greenish-black tail that can grow up to 28 centimeters. The female has a reddish supercilium that goes towards the forehead, a black-streaked brown upper, a rufous-brown underpart, and grey legs. 

Red Jungle Fowl - female
Red Jungle Fowl – female

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