It’s been a very slow month, a month inside the city with a couple of assignments and a couple of days stay in Kakani. As there hasn’t been any proper project to focus on inspiration seems to be a hard thing to find and this defiantly reflects in this month’s “What I saw” segment.

 The only happiness has been the success in photographing the Yellow-throated Martin after all these years of failing to get a proper one. Seeing mammals excites me as I seldom see a new species and be able to photograph them like birds.

Poaching, hunting, poisoning, urbanization, deforestation, human movements, dogs entering the forest and chasing/killing, disease, and various other factors have been the contributing factor for the decline of mammals.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the above factors are not just contributing to the decline of mammals but also in the decrease of other species of flora and fauna as well, so it is important to learn and share the knowledge of the conservation of these precious assets.

This month although I was out in the wilderness for a brief moment I was able to see Egyptian vulture, Black Kite, Black-headed Shrike, Bunting, Black-lored Tit, Spotted Dove, Oriental Turtle Dove, Yellow-throated Martin.

March also seems like a challenge when it comes to going out of the valley but as always being optimistic and looking forward to making the coming month a good one and hoping to bring the “What I saw” segment with new species of flora and fauna.

Until then wishing you all a very happy and productive month ahead. Thank you all for visiting my blog time and again. Please do leave your valuable comments and suggestions in the blog posts I create every week. 

Ajay Narsingh Rana