What a month it has been, from Dhading besi for the rural medical responder course to Kakani for the Himalayan Outdoor Festival and finally to Begnas, Pokhara for the Himalayan Rush it’s been a good month travelling and seeing different flora and fauna.

Chasing Bee Eater to waiting patiently for the White-Breasted Water Hen to appear in the marshes, I was able to see a lot of flora and fauna in between. As I was in assignments during these visits, an early morning was the time I could allocate for photographing the wildlife. I was able to take proper pictures of Bee Eater, Egrets, Herons, White-Breasted Water Hen, Bottle Brush, The Coral Tree, The Silk Cotton Tree, Rhododendron, Tufted Duck, Spiders, Frog, Moth etc. Will be posting these species through April so do check it out.   

Ajay Narsingh Rana

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