Another month passes and yet another location I got to travel. Waling which is 60km from Pokhara was an interesting place to be in and the views from the surrounding hills were amazing. The flora and fauna in that region were also diverse and even though I was there for work I still managed to get some pictures of “What I Saw” there.

I am a happy guy when I am able to spot a new species I haven’t previously seen and when it’s a mammal I’m even happier. As I said in my previous segment of “What I Saw” seeing mammals becomes a challenge these days due to poaching, hunting, poisoning, urbanization, deforestation, human movements, dogs/cats entering the forest and chasing/killing the animals, disease and various other factors.

This month I was able to see Irrawaddy Squirrel, Himalayan ground skink, Crow-billed Drongo, Cattle Egret, Little Egret, Egyptian Vulture, Long-tailed Shrike, Oriental White-eye, Minivet, Blue Whistling Thrush, Black-lored Tit, etc. I got a very brief glimpse of a stork on a foggy morning as it flew away but as per the color, I saw it must be a Woolly-necked Stork.

As this month was more focused on racing, trail building I wasn’t able to concentrate on the blog that much but hoping to get more content on April. Thank you so much for visiting the blog. Please do leave your suggestions and comment on the contents that come in this blog.

Ajay Narsingh Rana