Common Name: Black-spined Toad
Scientific Name: Bufo melanosticus 
Nepali Name: Khashre Bhyaguto ( खस्रे भ्यागुतो )
Size: 16 cm 
Location: Sitapaila, Nepal

Black-spined Toad is the largest Nepalese toad that is found below 3000m under rocks and logs, damp places, banks of streams, near human settlements. This insectivorous species is a brownish warty toad that has a head with bony ridges along the preorbital (situated in front of the orbit or eye socket), supraorbital (situated above the orbit of the eye), postorbital (situated at the back of the orbit or eye socket). The first finger is equal or longer than the second and the toes are at least half webbed or less. The throat is red during the breeding season (June).   

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