Common Name: Citrine Wagtail
Scientific Name: Motacilla citreola 
Nepali Name: Besare Tiktike ( बेसारे टिकटिके )
Size: 19 cm 
Location: Pisang, Nepal

Citrine Wagtail can be found in marshes, wet meadows, fields in elevations below 250 m during winter, and a passage migrant (A bird that stops somewhere for a short time during a seasonal migration) up to  5200 m. As the name suggests this bird has a long tail that is constantly is wagging while it moves around the ground searching for larvas, nymphs, aquatic species that at invertebrates, etc.

During breeding the male has a yellow head, black or grey mantle, and yellow underparts. Females have yellow supercilium around the ear coverts, grey upperparts, and yellow underparts. 

The above picture is of a juvenile Citrine Wagtail.

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