Common Name: Common Pochard
Scientific Name: Aythya ferina
Family: Anatidae
Nepali Name: Kailotauke Haans ( कैलोटाउके हाँस )
Size: 42-49 cm
Location: Jagadishpur Lake, Lumbini

The Common Pochard, a migratory wonder, thrives at elevations from 75 to 915 meters. These winter visitors flock together, with the males flaunting striking features including a dark bill with a grey band, red head and neck, black breast, red eyes, and a grey back. The females, more subdued with brown bodies and triangular heads, share their habitat with mid-sized diving ducks.

They inhabit various open water environments, including expansive rivers. Their feeding habits primarily involve diving or dabbling, as they consume small fish, aquatic plants, and insects.

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