Common Name: Indian Pitta
Scientific Name: Pitta brachyura
Family: Pittidae
Nepali Name: Gajale Pitta ( गाजले पिट्टा )
Size: 199 cm
Location: Bardiya, Nepal

Long, strong legs and a short, stout bill characterize the Indian Pitta. It features a buff-colored stripe on its crown bordered by black stripes, a prominent black stripe through its eye, and a white throat and neck.

Found in elevations ranging from 100 m to 245 m and a summer visitor, the Indian Pitta’s upper body is green, the tail is blue, and the underparts are primarily buff with vivid red at the lower belly and vent area. This bird typically forages by hopping along forest floors covered in dense undergrowth, searching for insects among the leaf litter.

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